Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety in Tampa FL

Note that diagnosing anxiety depends on an individual’s feelings of worry; thus, symptoms may vary. Factors detailing a person’s symptoms include co-occurring mental health issues and personality. Anxiety can cause obsessive or intrusive thoughts. A person with anxiety may find it hard to focus or feel confused. Other people with this issue may feel anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety may be a physical representation and can cause high blood pressure or overly tense muscles. Insomnia, dizziness, a racing heartbeat, sweating, and trembling may also result from anxiety. Anxiety may also cause nausea, difficulty breathing, digestive problems, and headaches.

Effect of Anxiety

Anxiety can imply self-doubt, worry, or nervousness. Sometimes, the cause of this issue can easily be spotted, but the fact is that it is not applicable for every issue. Everyone experienced some level of anxiety at some point. However, recurring or overwhelming dread can adversely impact people. 


Our specialists can treat anxiety disorders, and several people with an anxiety disorder can be assisted with professional care. Several standard approaches have proven effective:

  • The specialist will do a physical exam to look for the linkage of your anxiety to underlying medical conditions or medications.
  • Order urine or blood tests if a medical condition is suspected.
  • Ask comprehensive questions about your medical history and symptoms
  • Use psychological questionnaires to help evaluate and determine a diagnosis


The treatment decisions are dependent on the impact of the anxiety disorder on your ability to function properly. The two main treatments include medications and psychotherapy. Also, the specialist may combine both treatments to ensure that you overcome this problem.

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