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What Is Ketamine Therapy for Depression in Tampa FL

Ketamine therapy involves the use of ketamine drugs, a medication used to induce anesthesia. This drug provides relief and relaxation in humans. Some benefits of ketamine therapy for depression include:

  • Ketamine therapy works very fast and works within hours to reduce the feeling of depression. 
  • Ketamine therapy triggers positive brain changes that result in long-lasting symptom relief throughout a single treatment cycle.

Although ketamine therapy is still being studied. Thorough research has shown that it has an impressive rate of success in treating people with depression.

Procedure for Ketamine Therapy For Depression 

At our practice, the ketamine therapy starts with our specialist administering ketamine by an IV infusion in the patient’s arm, and commonly the effects of the medication last from days to weeks. Typically, it is administered in a conic sequence whereby the patients receive three ketamine infusions the first week, about two in the second week. For the next three weeks, the patient gets one, then finally, our specialist moves to administer the drugs to the patient at a dosage of once a month. 

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