An initial complimentary consultation will be scheduled with our TMS Coordinator to educate you on the details of TMS treatment, review your symptoms, treatment history, and insurance requirements. From there you will be scheduled to see our TMS physician to develop your TMS treatment plan.

If TMS is the right treatment for you, treatment sessions can be scheduled to begin soon, usually within 2 weeks of your first call to our office.

At the first TMS appointment your TMS physician will determine the optimal placement and strength of the magnetic field. Once determined, these settings are saved to ensure proper placement with every treatment.

Each subsequent treatment will be conducted by one of our credentialed TMS technicians. Treatments typically last about 18 minutes during which you will be awake and alert.

The magnetic pulses make a loud clicking sound and feel like a tapping on the scalp. TMS is non-invasive, meaning it does not involve surgery, and has no systemic effects. Typical TMS side effects are transient and mild irritation or discomfort at the treatment site and headache.

A usual course of TMS treatment for depression involves 36 sessions, 5 days a week for 6 weeks (Monday through Friday), followed by 6 sessions divided over the next three weeks.