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How TMS Therapy Help Depression? Tampa FL

Due to advancements in medicine and medical development, there are now ways to treat depression or help patients overcome their depression issues. Thankfully, some medications and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy can help to manage the condition and improve the symptoms of depression.

TMS Therapy of Depression

The basic pathway of all treatment models is to improve the mood and behavior of people who are depressed. The effectiveness of treatment in improving symptoms and the wellbeing of patients determine their efficiency.

Although the response to treatment varies from one person to the other, the success rate of TMS is remarkable. TMS improves the mood and condition of depression at the rate of about 60-70 percent. Furthermore, approximately 40-50 percent of people who undergo this therapy go into full remission after just one session of treatment. At this rate, it means that 1 out of 2 patients that undergo TMS treatment achieves remission. TMS achieves these feats without causing any harmful side effects.

Several people who suffer from depression are either unable to access antidepressants or are forced to withdraw from taking them because of their adverse side effects. This makes it necessary to make insured treatments such as the TMS therapy we offer at our facility available. The TMS therapy is void of any severe side effects and proves to be more efficient in reducing the symptoms of depression.

Benefits of TMS Therapy

Some benefits of TMS therapy include:

  • It doesn’t require anesthesia.
  • The procedure is non-invasive and well tolerated.
  • Patients receiving TMS therapy can still continue their daily lives.
  • The therapy is highly efficient for patients who have struggled with medications 
  • There is no significant memory impairment associated with TMS therapy.
  • Above all, TMS therapy is FDA approved for treating depression.

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